ADVANCE Adfinity X24 – 24″ Floor Scrubber

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ADVANCE Adfinity X24 – 24″ Floor Scrubber w/h Pad Holder

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  • ADVANCE Adfinity X24 – 24″ Floor Scrubber w/h Pad Holder
  • Industrial Floor Scrubbers Maximize Cleaning Chemical Use Efficiency
  • The Adfinity™ traction-drive floor scrubber from Advance offers the size and performance you need. With a scrub path of up to 24 inches wide, and an onboard detergent dispensing system, you will get the highest level of cleaning productivity.
  • If you’re looking for a scrubber that offers the most efficient use of cleaning chemicals, the Adfinity X20C with AXP™ is your answer.
  • Advance’s patented AXP onboard detergent dispensing system eliminates guesswork by dispensing detergent at the manufacturer’s recommended dilution ratio.
  • The Adfinity with AXP eliminates premixing of chemicals, which saves time and prevents detergent and water waste.
  • The Adfinity comes standard with an onboard battery charger, allowing the flexibility to charge the machine at any available electrical outlet.
  • One-Touch™ operation makes the Adfinity industrial floor scrubber easy to learn and easy to use. The Adfinity is equipped with forward and reverse traction drive and an ergonomic and safe paddle design for extra operator comfort.
  • The Adfinity is designed for easy access to the battery, detergent dispensing system, and the recovery tank.
  • The Adfinity industrial floor scrubbers are a great addition to any green cleaning program. Operating at a sound level of only 65 dB A, this machine is well below the equirements for sound level set by LEED-EB and GS-42 – making Adfinity ideal for daytime cleaning in any facility.