Commander Deodorized Absorbent – ‘Bubblegum’

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Commander Deodorized Absorbent ‘Bubblegum’ 15.87 kg (35 Lb)

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  • Commander Deodorized Absorbent
  • 15.87 kg (35 Lb)
  • These small absorbent granules absorb and deodorize any liquid bearing odourous spill.
  • COMMANDER makes wet…dry!
  • Cleans up after untimely accidents in schools, hospitals, factories, service stations, offices, motels, taverns, airlines, buses, taxies, police cars, ambulances, and restaurants.
  • Absorbs any liquid bearing odours found in food processing plants, sanitary sewage plants, incinerators, garbage dumpsters, garbage bags, garbage trucks, garbage chutes and compactors.
  • Bubble Gum Fragrance