Barclay AUTO SHINE – Car Wash & Wax – 20 L

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  • Barclay AUTO SHINE – Car Wash & Wax – 20 L
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  • Barclay AUTO SHINE – Car Wash & Wax – 20 L
  • A powerful yet gentle, high foaming, wash and wax concentrate.
  • Auto Shine removes dirt, grime, bugs, and traffic fill and leaves a shiny mono-molecular wax film.
  • It contains a high concentration of synthetic detergents, wetting agents, foam stabilizers and chelating agents.
  • It works well even in hard water.
  • AUTO SHINE WASH AND WAX is formulated with a high concentration of selected detergents and rich polishes.
  • Designed for easy, one-step car wash and wax applications.
  • Produces copious amounts of gentle cleaning foam that rinses film free.
  • Deposits a protective coating that covers the pores of the finish locking out dirt and grime. Cars washed with this product develop excellent gloss and water beading.
  • Designed for application with a brush, sponge or wash mitt.
  • Excellent for use by car rental agencies, new and used car lots, municipalities, school bus garages, fire and police departments, bus and truck lines.
  • AUTO SHINE is safe for use on any automotive finish. It will not harm decals, pin-striping (tape or painted), and decorative lettering.
  • AUTO SHINE is safe on metal, plastic and glass surfaces.
    • High foaming………. provides clinging action aiding in the removal of difficult road soils.
    • Concentrated………… produces excellent car washing results even with extended dilutions.
    • Streak free…………… outstanding rinsing action results in a clean car void of water marks or streaks.
    • One-Step application….saves labor, time, and money in any manual car washing application.
  • Ontario Made