Barclay Brushless HD TRUCK WASH – 20L

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  • Barclay Brushless HD TRUCK WASH – 20L
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  • Barclay Brushless HD TRUCK WASH – 20L
  • TRUCK WASH is is a one step brushless cleaner for washing trucks, trailers, heavy duty equipment,
    recreational vehicles, and boats.
  • TRUCK WASH is a maximum concentrate truck and trailer wash that removes exhaust
    deposits, road film, and bug residues from vehicles without brushing.
  • TRUCK WASH can be used on any vehicle surface: plastics, rubber, flooring, walls, or metal to remove
    road film, grease, dirt, and oil.
  • Dilute as follows: 1 part product with 12-100 parts water.
  • DIRECTIONS: Only mix with water. Test diluted product on surface to be cleaned in an inconspicuous area when using for the first time. For best results allow 2 minutes contact time for product to penetrate soils but do not allow TRUCK WASH to dry.
    • For brushless removal of road film: Apply 25:1
    • For pressure washer cleaning: Apply 100:1
    • For heavy duty cleaning (heavily soiled areas): Apply 12:1
    • For vertical surfaces: apply TRUCK WASH from bottom up. Pressure
      rinse from bottom up, final rinse from top down.
  • Ontario Made