EASY KLEEN Car Wash Soap – 20L

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  • EASY KLEEN Car Wash Soap – 20L
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  • EASY KLEEN Car Wash Soap – 20L
  • Concentrated – produces excellent car washing results even with extended dilutions.
  • Safe on metal, plastic and glass surfaces.
  • EASY KLEEN is a highly concentrated blend of high foaming detergents formulated specifically for manual, coin-operated and automatic car washing applications.
  • Contains no abrasives, free alkalis, or acids. Phosphate free and biodegradable
  • EASY KLEEN is designed for use through a wide variety of application systems.
  • May be mixed with either hot or cold water.
  • Used by automatic and self-serve coin operated car washes.
  • EASY KLEEN is excellent for hand application in automotive detail shops.
  • EASY KLEEN is safe for use on any automotive finish.
  • It will not harm decals, pin-striping (tape or painted), and decorative lettering.
  • High foaming provides excellent brush lubricity protecting car wash equipment and automotive finishes.
  • Streak free outstanding rinsing action results in a clean car void of water marks or streaks.
  • The label contains information necessary for the proper use of the product.