Glisten Dishwasher Magic – 354 ml

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Glisten Dishwasher Magic – 354 ml

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  • Glisten Dishwasher Magic – 354 ml
  • Powerful Dishwasher Hard Water Cleaner

    Glisten Dishwasher Magic provides a powerful, yet safe clean. As a powerful dishwasher hard water cleaner, Glisten removes mineral and other buildup from the entire machine, which over time affects your dishwasher’s cleaning performance. Glisten is also uniquely formulated to disinfect your machine against harmful bacteria.† Glisten works in all dishwashers and is plumbing and septic safe.

    How Often to Use: Use monthly or as needed to remove buildup, freshen, improve efficiency and increase machine lifespan.

    Non-Compatible Surfaces/Materials: Dishwasher Magic can be used on all types of dishwashers, including stainless steel interiors.

    Performance Guaranteed. All of our products have a money–back guarantee, promising that every product will meet or exceed your expectations.