Vinegar 5% (food grade) 5L

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  • Vinegar 5% (food grade) 5L
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  • Vinegar 5% (food grade) 5L
  • Allen’s Original White Vinegar is a versatile household staple.
  • It features a pure, non-toxic vinegar formula that is eco-friendly and safe around children.
  • The product is gentle on hands, making it suitable for a variety of uses.
  • Packaged in a 5-litre size offers ample supply for your cleaning, cooking or pickling needs.
  • Experience the practicality and safety of Allen’s Original White Vinegar in your home.


    • Allen’s¬†Original White Vinegar features a pure vinegar formula that is non-toxic and environmentally friendly

    • Safe to use around children and is gentle on your hands