Barclay D-4055 BioQuatenary Disinfectant Cleaner – 4L

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D-4055 BioQuatenary Disinfectant Cleaner – 4L

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  • D-4055 is a heavy duty cleaner disinfectant and sanitizer
  • Designed for general use in schools, motels, offices, kitchens and light industrial and hospital applications where heavy duty cleaning is of prime importance.
  • When used as directed, D-4055 is formulated to disinfect inanimate hard surfaces such as walls, floors, sink, counter tops, toilet bowls, tables, chairs and telephones.
  • D-4055 deodorizes those areas which generally are hard to keep fresh smelling, such as garbage storage area, empty garbage bins and cans and any other area which are prone to odours caused by micro-organisms.
  • CFIA
  • Kosher


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