Barclay WinterKleen – Winter Salt and Stain Remover – 4L

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WinterKleen winter salt rinse

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  • Free rinsing liquid designed to neutralize salts and remove stains that accumulate during winter
  • Used for cleaning and maintaining asphalt, rubber, cork, linoleum, plastic, tile, terrazzo, ceramic, and sealed wood floors
  • Can also be used to clean painted walls or woodwork as found in all industrial, institutional and commercial buildings
  • Always test an inconspicuous area first before treating any large area
  • Floor Surfaces
    • Light to Moderate buildup – 8ml/L (1.25oz/gal)
    • Heavy Buildup – 16ml/L (2.5oz/gal)
  • Carpet Extractor – 8ml/L (1.25oz/gal)
  • Walls, woodwork, Tile, Porcelain, Enamel and Metal Structures
    • Wipe surface with a solution of 60-120ml / 4 L of water¬† (2-4oz /gal)
    • Rinse surface after with a clean damp cloth with clean water


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