Guest Shower Amenities Dispenser – Bulk Fill

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  • Guest Shower Amenities Dispenser – Bulk Fill
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  • Guest Shower Amenities Dispenser – Bulk Fill
  • Create a dramatic look for your shower amenity program while eliminating individually-packaged bath and shower products.
  • Enhance your guest experience with the elegantly designed, sustainable, tamper-resistant dispenser for guest bath amenities
  • Easy to refill – simply unlock the tamper-resistant bracket and refill the bottles with your bulk dispenser amenities liquids
  • Easy to use – guests love the convenience.  No more fumbling with tiny bottles.  Just press down on the pump and a pre-measured portion of liquid is dispensed.  Precisely.  Perfectly.  Every push.
  • Tamper-resistant – every shower dispenser comes with a tamper-resistant lock.  They can only be opened by housekeeping staff with a special key.
  • Sustainable solution – help eliminate billions of wasted plastic amenity bottles every year.  Good for the environment and cost savings for you.
  • Superior quality – 2 year warranty from manufacturing faults.  All the parts are replaceable.